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Dine alongside Titanic's passengers as you journey through TITANIC: The Official Cookbook by author Veronica Hinke.

A quote from the author: “Every food story I’ve ever written always, at the core of each one, ended up being about the people, and that doesn’t seem to change. This book is no different. Those stories of hope and resilience…I think that’s why the Titanic story is still alive today,”

This book will guide you through everything you need for a historic meal. Beginning with traditional Edwardian table settings and the "do's and don't's" for Edwardian dinner etiquette, you'll learn how to set the scene for an immersive dining experience aboard Titanic, and keep your guests entertained with trivia and parlor games.

Inside you will discover 40 timeless recipes for every occasion. Along with the recipes for crafting your culinary trip back to the early 1900s, there are also delightful movie snacks and cocktails.

Inspire your guests to step into history with you and experience the decadence of Edwardian dining as you share with them the stories of Titanic's passengers and crew. With this recipe book as your guide, the next Titanic evening you host will surely be a night to remember.

Hardback book with cloth and gold foil cover. Full color photos throughout. 127 pages.