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RMS Titanic steamed into a brilliant western sunset on the cold night of April 14, 1912, with 2,208 people on board. Several books have included lists of these passengers, a slim handful even include the crew. None of them, however, are as thorough and accurate as Titanic Names: A Complete List of the Passengers and Crew, the long- awaited companion volume to Lee W Merideth's bestselling 1912 Facts About Titanic.Who were the people that rode the doomed liner on that fateful night so long ago? What were their names? Where were they going? Where were they coming from? Were they on vacation or traveling on business? How many were emigrating to the United States with the hope of beginning a new life? Too often these people have been viewed as simple statistics when, in reality, each soul has a story to tell. Merideth's book shares their story with you.Titanic Names is designed as much for the casual reader as for the serious researcher. Its simplicity and ease of use are readily apparent in its presentation format. Two lists grace its pages, one for the passengers, and the other for the crew including who survived and the number of their lifeboat. If they perished, information as to whether their body was recovered and the burial location is included. Additional information may indicate a special relationship to another passenger (a maid or servant, for example), or the purpose of the trip. Families are listed together to ease the task of genealogical researchers. In addition to similar informational listings for each member of the Titanic's crew, job titles and the department in which each person worked are also included. The result is a fascinating glimpse into the personal lives of the 2,208 people aboard RMS Titanic on that disastrous voyage