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In 2022, Dan Hunt and his wife drive to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to visit the Titanic Museum for a weekend get-away. Instead of the vacation that he had planned, Dan finds himself pulled into a situation well beyond his control and understanding.

Dan awakes on April 13, 1912, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean with his new wife on their honeymoon. With no grasp as to why or how he got there, Dan must try to pass himself off as John Franklin, an employee of Harland and Wolff and one of the architects of the Titanic.

Hosted in the body of John Franklin, Dan has John's memories as well as his own. He will only have a couple of days to save the ship, or at a minimum, save himself and his new wife. With the remembrances of his previous life slowly fading from his memory, his plight is complicated. If he just knew why he had been sent back to the Titanic.

Meanwhile, John Franklin finds himself catapulted into the twenty first century where things have changed for the worse, due to Dan's interference 110 years earlier. Begrudgingly, Dan and John will have to work together to resolve The Titanic Paradox.

Historical Fiction, softcover