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Titanic : The Brothers Peracchio - Two Boys and a Dream is a non fiction historical work of author/Titanic historian Angelica Harris.

This book is a 42 year research journey, and labor of love in search for Ms. Harris’, uncles ( through marriage ) Alberto and Sebastiano Peracchio, who were from Fubine, Alessandria, Italy. The brothers were crew -members on the RMS Titanic, in the A’ la Carte Restaurant on Titanic. They worked for Luigi Gatti, who was the owner of the restaurant, and one of the White Star Line’s owners of the Titanic’s most renowned chef’s of that time.

Alberto, Sebastiano, and Luigi died on Titanic, along with the other 34 staff members of the A’ la Carte Restaurant. Mr. Gatti’s remains and six others from the restaurant were found by the Mackey-Bennett Salvage ship. Alberto and Sebastiano’s remains rest in the hull of Titanic.

This book is steeped in the history of Titanic, and Angelica’s family lineage from Italy to America, and documentation from the ship, and Titanic’s archives.

This book is bilingual. English translation and Italian translation included in one book.

Traduzione Italiana di Claudio Bossi