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Discover Titanic's amazing story while learning to think critically with Common Core activities.

A great book for classrooms, homeschooling, and anyone interested in building their learning skill!

This book relays the factual details of the sinking of the luxury ocean liner Titanic. The narrative provides multiple accounts of the event, and readers learn details from the point of view of a crewmember, a first-class passenger, and a steerage passenger. This book offers opportunities to compare and contrast various perspectives in the text while gathering and analyzing information about this historic event.

Interest level: Grade 4 - 8

Reading level: Grade 3

32 Pages

Common Core Activities:

  • Think About It - The activities in this section ask you to interact with the book's content by encouraging you to identify a main idea, discuss surprising facts, or examine facts and ideas.
  • Analyze This - These sidebars ask you to compare and contrast two or more narratives in the book, discovering how they are similar or different.
  • Second Source - These sections prompt you to find another source on this topic and compare the information there to the information in this source.
  • A historical event does not look the same to everyone. It often depends on one's perspective. In the Perspectives Library series, readers will come to understand different viewpoints by learning the context, significance, and details of key historical events through the eyes of three different people, while engaging with text through questions sparking critical thinking.