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"Vividly tells the story" -Irish Independent


The story of RMS Titanic has been told in grand style many times of the monumental luxury ship and the dreadful events of April 15, 1912. Waking the Titanic is something new - a living history revealing a new and intimate perspective of the Titanic and the fragile hopes of a community that lost more of its population that fateful April night than any other.

Based on the testimony of the 3 villagers who survived the sinking of the Titanic and the lives and voices of their 96 direct descendants, this extraordinary docudrama dramatizes the story of the 14 young men and women from the poor community of Addergoole in County Mayo, the "Addergoole 14", who had the misfortune to be traveling in third-class on a ship billed as "unsinkable".

Through authentic re-enactments and in heartbreaking detail, you will witness the unique story of hope and the loss suffered by the people of a tiny West Ireland village whose sons and daughters went in search of a better life in America - only to become innocent victims of the tragic destiny of the world's greatest ship.


Bonus Material: Interviews with Titanic historians and descendants of the Addergoole 14, deleted scenes and re-enactments, bell ringing ceremony, and more.


Total runtime with bonus features approximately 142 minutes. Widescreen. Narrated by Miriam Kelly.