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The Titanic Museum Attraction Honors the 135 Children Aboard Titanic

Among her voyagers, the Titanic carried 135 young lives. The youngest passenger was only 9 weeks old, and the youngest crewmember was 14 years old.

With this ornament, inspired by shoes worn by the Titanic's smallest passengers, we honor the legacy of these innocent children's Hope, Courage, and Resiliency.


In remembering the children of the past, Titanic is also helping the children of today. Proceeds from the purchase of this item go to the non-profit Samaritan's Feet, who share a message of hope and love through washing the feet of impoverished children around the world and adorning them with new shoes.


On the bottom of the ornament in blue text are the words: "Titanic Museum & Samaritan's Feet Honor our Children Today".

Each baby shoe ornament is approximately 2.5 inches tall. There are two shoes on one ribbon, display them together or gift one to a cherished friend.

This darling ornament is hand crafted in a poly material that is resistant to small drops. Includes a white ribbon, ready to hang and display.