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Made Exclusively for the Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic emerges on the horizon under a clear night sky, unaware of the iceberg ahead. Honor the story of that fateful night with this beautifully hand-painted glass ornament.



How Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments are Crafted

Your elegant glass ornament was hand-painted by a skilled artist using special narrow brushes and pointed sticks. The painting of the ornament begins when an artist first inserts a brush into the globe and carefully creates an outline of the image. The artist then begins the more difficult step of slowly filling in the colors. The entire hand-painted process requires several days and the result is a beautiful and unique collectible. This painting technique is known as reverse glass painting and is an artform found throughout Asia. Though the designs are similar, each ornament does possess its own unique handcrafted character.

Approx. 3 inch in diameter