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The Titanic Museum Attraction's mascot Officer Buster is excited to share Titanic-inspired treats with our guests!

This comfortable T shirt features a print of our vintage style Titanic Frozen Custard & Chocolate Attraction logo with the Titanic Museum's mascot Officer Buster sitting on top, looking excited to invite all our guests to come and try some Titanic frozen custard! This limited edition souvenir shirt is available in Kiwi Green or Tennessee Orange.

Model is wearing a size Medium.


Did you know?  Frozen custard didn’t exist in 1912. Traditional French custard was served to Titanic’s 1st Class passengers, American ice cream was served in 2nd Class, and 3rd Class had pudding. The creation of frozen custard has been attributed to two American brothers, Archie and Elton Kohn.

They introduced their frozen delight on the Coney Island (New York) boardwalk in 1919. The first weekend they savored the sweet taste of success by selling over 18,000 cones.


Learn more about our new Titanic Frozen Custard & Chocolate Attraction, and celebrate the hopes and dreams of the passengers who boarded the RMS Titanic in Cherbourg, France: https://titanicfrozencustard.com/