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Author Helen Behr Sanford,

At the end of James Camerons movie, Titanic (1997), the narrator says: Survivors waited and waited for absolution that would never come. Helen Newsom and Karl H. Behr were amongst them. Karl was hailed as a rising tennis star, but after the infamous sea-time disaster, his affiliation with guilt had little reckoning until he plunged into activism with Theodore Roosevelt.

It was a historic time before & during the Great War when many German- Americans were censored and locked away.

Karls remarkable life included interaction in Brooklyn gang wars during his boyhood, mining for silver in Mexico, business concerns, laws & tennis. For a decade he was ranked in the top ten, twice reaching third in the U.S. tennis standings & playing for Davis Cup. Later, he was credited with bringing the championships from Rhode Island to New York.

Combining research and imagination along with the resource of Karls memoir, their granddaughter revivifies the life of a man consumed by competition and the experience of a woman that had remained unspoken.

This is a story of love, destiny & devotion.