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The definitive books on the design and construction of the most legendary ship the world has ever known The largest, most luxurious ship in the world, wrecked on her maiden voyage, has become the stuff of legends. While everyone knows the new White Star liner was glamorous, few appreciate just how luxurious she was. Even in Third Class, the accommodation was better than on First Class on many older ships. For the first time, Bruce Beveridge, Steve Hall, Scott Andrews and Daniel Klistorner look at the construction and exterior of the ship itself, and at her interior design and fittings. From cobalt blue Spode china and Elkington plate silverware in the a la carte restaurant to the design of the boilers and fixtures and fittings on board the world's most luxurious vessel, they tell the story of a liner built at the peak of the race between the British, French and Germans to build bigger and better ships. AUTHORS: Daniel Klistorner is a world expert on Titanic's passenger accommodations. Steve Hall, a renowned visual historian, has studied and researched Titanic's photographic record for over 30 years. Bruce Beveridge is a foremost authority on Titanic's exterior and general working arrangements, and, with Scott Andrews, an authority on the technical aspects of her layout and construction. Art Braunschweiger, editor, is a Titanic modeller and researcher. SELLING POINTS: * Volume 1 concentrates on design and construction * Volume Two concentrates on interior design and fitting * The culmination of a lifetime's research and study by world- renowned experts * With photographs and plans * Updated editions includes new introductions, some textual updates, new photographs and revised deck plans * 'No work about Titanic comes close to it for the sheer quantity and quality of information ... purchasers ... will never need to buy lesser publications about the construction and appointments of the most famous ship since Noah's Ark.' 1400 b/w illustration, 16 colour illustrations