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Uncover the secrets of the Titanic in this fascinating exploration for kids ages 8 to 12!

Discover the incredible story of the RMS Titanic! With this book you will begin by learning what made the ship so famous even before it sank, then discover the secrets that rest at the bottom of the ocean today.

Investigate the unsolved riddles fo the Titanic, like why it took so long for help to arrive when the ship was sinking, and why it took so many years for scientists to find the wreckage. As you sail through the story, watch out for the detective figure who pops up every time there is a clue on the page that will help you solve the mystery of the Titanic.

Experience life at sea by reading the true stories of the ship's passengers and their experiences onboard.

Discover the truth in photos, illustrations, and diagrams that help you discover the scientific techniques that researchers used to locate the wreck of the Titanic and reconstruct what happened to it.

Form your own hypothesis! Determine if the different factors like the weather, the ship's construction, and poor communication among the crew could have contributed to the fatal accident.

Sure to become a favorite book of young Titanic fanatics, this informative book will inspire curiosity and the thrill of discovery! 

Nonfiction softcover book by author Kelly Milner Halls