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Tragedy. Hope. America will either be a new dream or a hopeless nightmare…

Southampton, 1912. Margaret and her fiance had great hopes for their voyage across the sea. Sailing the Titanic from Ireland was meant to be the beginning of their lives together. But Margaret's world changes forever when the famed ship sinks and drowns her only love.

Alone in an unforgiving New York, Margaret looks for inner strength at a time when the women around her hunt for equal rights. As a second chance for romance emerges, the Irish immigrant's societal status and the emergence of The Great War could yield trauma all over again.

Will Margaret create a new life for herself, or will her painful past doom her to remain second class?

Beyond the Titanic is a historical novel based on a true story. If you like strong women, political intrigue, and 1900’s society settings, then you’ll love Mary Wernke’s heart-wrenching tale.