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On April 10, 1912, the 882 foot, 46,000 ton RMS Titanic, the largest ship in the world at the time, departed Southampton, England, on its maiden voyage. Five days later, this "virtually unsinkable epitome of British engineering" struck an iceberg and sank to the ocean floor, and 1,503 passengers and crew perished. Over the past 85 years, interest in the Titanic has grown to phenomenal levels: collectors are spending hundreds of dollars on memorabilia, museums are devoting more and more space to exhibits, movies are being made, Internet sites are being created, and dozens of historical societies are emerging, all to meet the demands of an almost mystifyingly inquisitive public. The recent commercially funded exploration of the vessel on the ocean floor has further fueled the public's zeal for information and memorabilia concerning the Titanic. This program addresses the increasing public "appeal and fascination" with the Titanic, from both historical and commercial perspectives. It includes rare archival footage and new underwater film of the Titanic, as well as interviews with authors, collectors, historians and Titanic survivor, Ms. Millvina Dean. It also includes an interview with British psychologist Ludwig Lowenstein, who explains how and why the Titanic has achieved legendary status and has become a phenomenon throughout the world.