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The truth of the Titanic exceeds any screenwriter's imagination, and no tale is more deserving to be told than that of the ship's bandsmen – the 8 men who stayed and played knowing their fate was sealed. Titanic – Band of Courage tells the harrowing, heroic and heartbreaking journey of the 8 musicians who had never played together before the Titanic sailed, but who were bonded forever after their final fateful performance. Featuring 18 new recordings, many taken from the officially issued White Star Songbook, the program tells the story of the courageous band through the music they would have played that night, along with archival photos, and interviews with experts on the sinking of the great ship, the era and its music. The songs are from the White Star Songbook that was provided to the musicians and first and second-class passengers. Each composition was recorded in the style, arrangement and instrumentation as it was heard on the Titanic – many of the songs from the last night.