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Author Lee Merideth

In fifth grade reading class, Lee’s teacher had his students read Walter Lord’s Classic Titanic book “ A Night to Remember” aloud in class. It was during one of these sessions that 76 year old Titanic Survivor & local resident Edwina “Winnie” Troutt spent the day in the classroom, regaling the students with her memories of that night. Lee immediately taken with both Winnie Troutt & the Titanic story. It is a story he has continued to follow to this day.

In 1999 Lee self-published his first Titanic Book, “1912 Facts About Titanic,” a chronological history of the ill-fated ship. He had been doing research on the book for five years but didn’t have the time to actually write it until just before the James Cameron movie came out in the late 1990’s.

Lee Merideth’s 1912 Facts about Titanic is presented in easy-to-read fact groups allowing readers to open to any page and discover a fascinating story. The entire history of Titanic is presented chronologically, from her construction in Belfast, Ireland, to the tragic collision with the iceberg: From the sinking of the great liner to the recovery of the dead and discovery of the hulk in 1985. Jammed with little known and often shocking information, Merideth’s book includes a complete deck-by-deck walking tour of the great liner, almost 50 photographs, and a complete glossary and index.